Is Technology Innovation Not Working For You?


Which One Describes You ! -Your company built a mobile app for customers and your customers refuse to use it ? -You convinced management to spend thousands on a tech innovation product and there is barely any return in investment and it seems like you are throwing money away ? -You and Your Management Team keep hearing you must be innovative but you have no idea where to start ? This is what an past customer said about EDEL Technology Consulting : Joe Jackson Director of Dalex Finance -CIMG Product of the Year and Started Ghana’s First IT Company-SoftGhana…….EDEL Technology Team

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EDEL Technology is the Event Partner for the Enterprise Africa Summit

EDEL Technology is an event partner for the Enterprise Africa Summit. ‘More than a conference: deep on knowledge rich-in-practice’, drawing on international as well as regional players, the three-day event will bring together thought leaders, policy-makers and entrepreneurs to discuss ‘next generation resilience-focused enterprise models’ and share best practices in connecting enterprise to resilient development. The conference will focus on: • Thought leadership: it will assemble thought leaders and practitioners in industry, policy, academia, development and social enterprise research and governance to explore best business practices and policy options in entrepreneurship and resilience in Africa • Practical benefits: entrepreneurs will benefit

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GeoCommerce :Location Based Advertising System

GEOCommerce : Location Based Advertising Contact US  E-mail:                             Phone: +233-200-736-512 Or  Fill details below  to Download Detailed Presentation

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