March 16, 2017 ethelcofie

EDEL Technology is the Event Partner for the Enterprise Africa Summit

EDEL Technology is an event partner for the Enterprise Africa Summit.


‘More than a conference: deep on knowledge rich-in-practice’, drawing on international as well as regional players, the three-day event will bring together thought leaders, policy-makers and entrepreneurs to discuss ‘next generation resilience-focused enterprise models’ and share best practices in connecting enterprise to resilient development. The conference will focus on:

• Thought leadership: it will assemble thought leaders and practitioners in industry, policy, academia, development and social enterprise research and governance to explore best business practices and policy options in entrepreneurship and resilience in Africa

• Practical benefits: entrepreneurs will benefit from a rich environment of learning, investor-financier networks, and B2B networking platforms to develop partnerships, build capacity and effectively position for growth

• Africa focused: A summit by Africa for African entrepreneurs. Events, panellists, participants and outcomes will reflect and meet the needs of African entrepreneurs and policy makers.


Can enterprise be an engine of resilience in Africa? How can Africa’s enterprises develop resilient solutions to Africa’s problems? The British Council will use its extensive network to convene a regional summit in March 2017 to dialogue on ‘next generation innovations’ and celebrate efforts in entrepreneurship and resilient development. 

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